Visiting Around

Le Cerf Volant is located at the heart of one of the richest historical areas of Île de France.
Between Rambouillet and Montfort l’Amaury, Versailles and Chartres, the heritage is exceptional.

The nearest village, Saint Léger en Yvelines, 5 minutes by car, is a former royal castellany and hosted the royal studs before the Revolution.
Besides cultural visits, you can also enjoy the nautical activities and the beaches of the beautiful Étangs de Hollande (impressive lakes surrounded by the forest that filled the pools of the château of Versailles), 15 minutes by car, or discover the natural reserve of l’Espace Rambouillet to observe animals in their environment.



Among the visits I recommend the Queen’s Hamlet in Versailles (le Hameau de la Reine).

I hereby pay tribute to Marie-Antoinette for having so nicely achieved this rural and bucolic ideal that before her Jean-Jacques Rousseau or the Marquis de Girardin had exalted or Hubert Robert depicted.

There she came to divert herself from the constraints of the Court with her friends and favourites, and find pastoral peace and joy with refinement.

To Marie-Antoinette, with all my respect and affection.

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Cultural visits
- Montfort l'Amaury, and the château de Groussay
- Château de Maintenon
- Château de Dampierre
- Château de Thoiry et son parc zoologique
- Château de Breteuil
- Château d'Anet
- Abbaye de Port Royal des Champs
- Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay
- Cathedral of Chartres
Natural sites
- La Pierre Ardoue: it's the most important dolmen of Ile de France, an energetic hot spot where the druids used to perform magical ceremonies. The starting point of the walk is at 5 minutes drive from Le Cerf Volant.
- Étangs de Hollande
- Espace Rambouillet
- Bergerie Nationale
- the boats in the park at Château de Rambouillet
- the rocks and waterfalls of Cernay
- walks and visits listed on the website of the Parc Naturel de la Haute Vallée de Chevreuse